About Our Training Program

As a USPPA Certified Training School, students follow a very thorough & progressive Training Syllabus to ensure that all important aspects of flight are covered.

Top Quality Training

Clear Sky’s Powered Paramotor specializes in Foot Launch and Wheel Launch flight. All of our training is done on carefully selected, highly manicured locations specifically tailored to offer the best training experience for our students. We offer training full time, 7 days a week so we can best accommodate our students schedule. You can do your training consecutively, or you can split it up into a few visits, which ever works best for you. We have a multiple USPPA Certified instructors which allows us to give more one on one attention to each student.

Expert Advice

Clear Sky’s Powered Paramotor is an authorized dealer of AEROLIGHT equipment. We truly feel AEROLIGHT has some of the best constructed and safest paramotoring equipment available. Additionaly we will give you expert advice of what equipment you need and how it will help you progress.

USPPA Certified Training School

Clear Sky”s Powered Paramotor use enhanced USPPA Syllabus and we have three major rules:


 We endorse USPPA PPG Rating

What is this PPG rating?
It it is a voluntary rating system administered by the USPPA. They help you understand your own skill level to help inform your choices on gear, conditions and locations to fly. Ratings may be required for insurance, to attend some events, or to fly in some locales.

PPG1: Beginner Pilot – Student has flown at least two solo flights. He stays under direct instructor supervision and instructor radio contact.
PPG2: Novice Pilot – Student is now considered a full-fledged pilot and can fly solo at nearly 90% of our flying sites nationally. It requires basic flying skills but, just as important, knowledge that allows venturing off to fly on his own. Students will receive this rating as part of their training.
PPG3: Advanced Pilot – Pilot has demonstrated significant skills and logged required hours. At this point you are considered a competent pilot and can fly almost every site safely.

The first time your feet lift off the ground will be something you never forget!